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Our Story

Everyone has that world-changing lightbulb moment, but without the skillset to pull it off, great ideas fall by the wayside. This time it didn't happen. In 2017, Digital Colliers was founded by two brothers and their good friend with the ambition to seek change in the IT industry. They started as a small team specialized in building websites and quickly became team providers forming platforms for world-renowned companies.

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. - Estée Lauder

  • Mission

    Our mission is to exceed the expectations
    of the companies we work with by providing
    them with extensive services and top
    specialists in the industry.

  • Philosophy

    We take pride in every person working at
    Digital Colliers being a cunning, independent,
    and agile individual who follows our
    fundamental Born2solve principle.

Core Values

  • Work as a Team

    We believe that when different people
    come together with different inputs,
    something magical happens, and the
    output of such friction is truly big.

  • Focus on the Result

    Working in a goal-driven environment
    makes for a much more productive and
    enjoyable experience for everyone.
    What counts is the end outcome.

  • Keep Learning

    There is always something new to learn,
    both from one other and from our clients,
    and we are ready to grow as individuals
    and as a digital team.

  • Honesty & Feedback

    We must not be hesitant to speak
    up and provide frequent, true, honest
    feedback to each other in order to assist
    one other progress.

Our Clients

Our clients include SMBs, corporations, and startups
seeking team augmentation for their businesses.

Devopsbay Thumbnail of Devopsbay

“Outstaffing with Digital Colliers helped us build a new, strong development team in a professional manner with a responsive turnaround time.”

Mateusz Michalak photo Thumbnail of Mateusz Michalak photo

Mateusz Michalak

Business Manager at devopsbay

Linum Labs Thumbnail of Linum Labs

“Their expertise and team's experience elevated our cooperation to the next level, which allowed us to create a complete and refined product.”

Paula Petit photo Thumbnail of Paula Petit photo

Paula Petit

CCO at Linum Labs

Glimat Thumbnail of Glimat

“They had an apparent picture of what we needed to achieve and always suggested several thoughtful solutions.”

Bartłomiej Pasella photo Thumbnail of Bartłomiej Pasella photo

Bartłomiej Pasella

Technical Director at Glimat

CT Group Thumbnail of CT Group

“We needed an application that would manage all of the daily assignments to better organize the cooperation and improve the received orders' distribution. They did it.”

Grzegorz Ziółkowski photo Thumbnail of Grzegorz Ziółkowski photo

Grzegorz Ziółkowski

Owner of CT Group

Silver vine Thumbnail of Silver vine

“They demonstrated foresight, planning, and a high level of technical understanding combined with excellent customer service and great communication skills.”

Andrew Keese photo Thumbnail of Andrew Keese photo

Andrew Keese

Founder of Silver Vine

AMW Health Investment Thumbnail of AMW Health Investment

“At AMW, we don't own a development department, and that's where Digital Colliers came in. Simple processes, a strong HR team, and a generous pool of specialists.”

Amaury Joseph Masbernat photo Thumbnail of Amaury Joseph Masbernat photo

Amaury Joseph Masbernat

CEO at AMW Health Investment

Ricoh Schweiz AG Thumbnail of Ricoh Schweiz AG

“Digital Colliers is like an extension of our team. They have helped us make huge strides on our solutions and achieve a core system that we can depend on.”

Fabien Muller photo Thumbnail of Fabien Muller photo

Fabien Muller

Manager at Ricoh Schweiz AG

Shared Workspace

Our office's location was chosen based on the potential partnerships, business inquiries, and current market needs.
Each of them provides a creative and positive environment satisfying for both clients and employees needs.

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