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We build dedicated software development teams created specifically for your project.

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Working as distributed teams for 15+ clients all over the world.

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Handled by our staff, working in a variety of different industries.

Our team
Our team

What is Team Augmentation

A dedicated software development team, created specifically for your project. Engaged in executing the company vision on the same level as the rest of the in-house engineers. Fully encapsulated, and integrated into the organization processes, values, methodologies, tools. That's our definition of the team augmentation model.

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Digital Colliers

Working With Product Companies

Having extensive experience in working with different start-ups and scale-ups, we have learned about their worst bottlenecks, challenges, and engineering dependencies which can hinder the progress of product initiatives. Through the years, we have developed a special model of cooperation, tailored just for the product companies.

  • No Withdrawal

    Our goal is to always aim for a successful long-term cooperation. We know how important it is for the engineer to have an in-depth understanding of the product so we never withdraw any of our employees, provided that the client is happy with their services.

  • Direct Recruitment

    In our experience, recruiting explicitly for a well-described position in a particular organization works much better than transferring the candidates from other projects. The outcome is better motivation, coordination, efficiency, and most importantly retention.

  • Take Over

    In the past, we have helped our customers not only to scale their development teams but also to find key staff members willing to stay with our clients for years. We are always open for discussion regarding the take over of our most crucial representatives.

  • Remote First

    Thanks to over two years of managing distributed teams located all over the europe, we have established a set of processes and values allowing us to maintain the company culture and integrity while working remotely, thus increasing the retention.

Cooperation Process

The process is simple, straightforward, and serves as a essential strategy for our cooperation. We adjust it individually according to the client's needs.

Kick-off Meeting

The first meetings are about setting the requirements for the perfect candidates and understanding projects' needs. Then we proceed with adjusting and integrating the recruitment process to meet your workflow and reach expectations.

Recruitment Set-Up

Once the requirements are known, our in-house team of headhunters and recruiters begins a tailored sourcing process. Our goal is to select the right team in terms of professional experience, participation in similar projects, and work culture.

Talent Selection

We select candidates through cognitive tests and coding challenges adequate to the seniority level. Next, depending on the process, the candidate will be interviewed by your team or jump directly into the project.


Now integrate your new team members into your company. Introduce them with your in-house team, run training if necessary, let them become familiar with technical concepts, and plunge into the working environment.

Relationship Management

The dedicated delivery manager will oversee the delivery and workflow of the entire project and clients specific team, including HR Management, IT Operations, Facility Management, Security, Admin, and Finance.

Client Success Stories

We specialize in building teams with specialists which can be seamlessly integrated into our client's organizations.

Mateusz Michalak photo Thumbnail of Mateusz Michalak photo

Mateusz Michalak

Business Manager at devopsbay

“Outstaffing with Digital Colliers helped us build a new, strong development team in a professional manner with a responsive turnaround time.”

Paula Petit photo Thumbnail of Paula Petit photo

Paula Petit

CCO at Linum Labs

“Their expertise and team's experience elevated our cooperation to the next level, which allowed us to create a complete and refined product.”

Bartłomiej Pasella photo Thumbnail of Bartłomiej Pasella photo

Bartłomiej Pasella

Technical Director at Glimat

“They had an apparent picture of what we needed to achieve and always suggested several thoughtful solutions.”

Grzegorz Ziółkowski photo Thumbnail of Grzegorz Ziółkowski photo

Grzegorz Ziółkowski

Owner of CT Group

“We needed an application that would manage all of the daily assignments to better organize the cooperation and improve the received orders' distribution. They did it.”

Andrew Keese photo Thumbnail of Andrew Keese photo

Andrew Keese

Founder of Silver Vine

“They demonstrated foresight, planning, and a high level of technical understanding combined with excellent customer service and great communication skills.”

Amaury Joseph Masbernat photo Thumbnail of Amaury Joseph Masbernat photo

Amaury Joseph Masbernat

CEO at AMW Health Investment

“At AMW, we don't own a development department, and that's where Digital Colliers came in. Simple processes, a strong HR team, and a generous pool of specialists.”

Fabien Muller photo Thumbnail of Fabien Muller photo

Fabien Muller

Manager at Ricoh Schweiz AG

“Digital Colliers is like an extension of our team. They have helped us make huge strides on our solutions and achieve a core system that we can depend on.”

We Work Global

We've worked with clients from all over the world building complete, agile teams.

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  • Łukasz Sobieraj

    Co-Founder & COO

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  • Przemysław Draga

    Chief Strategy Officer

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  • Leopold Gaillard

    Business Manager

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