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Social Media & Community Manager   NEW

5 000 - 7 000 PLN

net B2B

  • Junior
  • Mid
  • Senior
Mateusz and Maciej


We are looking for a passionate content manager who would like to focus his career on IT-oriented marketing and image creation. Your primary responsibility will be to build, maintain and optimize our communication in social media, website, and other channels that we communicate with.

You will join the Marketing Team at Digital Colliers. We're building it from scratch, which is a good moment to join and become a full-body cast. Currently, we've got a video editor, designer, ads specialist, and Head of the team, Simon.

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of the companies we work with by providing them with extensive services and top specialists in the industry. We build sustainable development teams for our strategic partners, primarily big product companies and corporations.

Important: You won't need to set up paid social campaigns. There's a dedicated team to deal with it. However, you will work closely with them to ensure our social media presence is consistent.


100% Remote

You can work 100% remotely from anywhere in the world.

Connect with us from sunny Tenerife or one of our co-working offices.

Shared workspace offices
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Salary Ranges

We actually do want you to get as much as possible since we want to see great results.

  • Junior

    3 000 PLN

    5 000 PLN

  • Mid

    5 000 PLN

    7 000 PLN

  • Senior

    9 000 PLN

    13 000 PLN


  • Build our employer branding and sales strategy (with a focus on EB)

  • Take care of our daily social media communication on FB, IG, LINKEDIN

  • Plan and execute our social media publishing calendar

  • Write killer recruitment copy for job offers, ads, and website

  • Closely cooperate with our Sales, Recruitment and Marketing teams

  • Improve engagement with content that speaks to people's

  • Support project teams in copywriting for new products


  • At least 2 years of experience as a content creator, content editor, content specialist, social media manager, and a marketing specialist in the IT sector

  • Perfect command of English (C1/C2 level) with a strong focus on grammar and vocabulary

  • A natural passion for social media and the need to inspire online communication and share knowledge

  • Good knowledge of advanced copywriting techniques - you need to know how to persuade a reader to take a specific action

  • Ability to optimize the content created both in terms of SEO and conversion
    knowledge of the IT industry and interest in new technologies (experience in a software company would be an additional asset)

  • Experience in crafting short-form copy. You need to be able to write clear, persuasive, and original advertising copy

  • Creative mind

  • Strong knowledge of how to adapt copy to suit different media and purposes

  • Proactive attitude and ability to take ownership of your responsibilities as we want you to tell us what to do, not the other way around

Join our marketing team to craft strong copy, great communication, and support Digital Colliers at becoming a thought leader in the industry by building a robust employer branding strategy and boosting the inbound sales section.

Recruitment Process

  • First Call

    First interview to know each other and talk about yours and ours expectations

  • Recruitment Task

    A short task, creating a short copy based on information about the project

  • Team Leader Interview

    Recruitment Final Stage - interview with your future Team Leader.

  • Offer

    We are able to complete the entire process in one week

Meet Our Team


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Head of Design

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Head of Marketing

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Business Manager

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Everyone in the team is an individual who is a team player. We share our ideas.

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About Digital Colliers

We are a Cracow-based software house that provides web development services to customers worldwide. The technologies we mainly use are Java and JavaScript. The flat structure in our company makes you feel at home.

We will fully support your career path and help you identify both your potential and areas for improvement. Most importantly, we expect from you eagerness and willingness to learn and grow.

We do not cut your wings, we help you fly!

Get To Know Us

We will play it to anybody who ever wondered what is it like to work with us. Everybody in here is just genuinely himself and we believe you can tell it from the look on our faces. We are a team of hard-workers but fun and endorphins are just in our blood.

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Any Questions? Talk to Wiktor

We are looking for creative, talented people with a collaborative mindset.
We give you the freedom to express your creativity and develop
professionally as an individual.

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Wiktor Stefański

Head of People & Operations

If you want to hear more about current development opportunities. I will guide you through the process and make sure you are on board!