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Digital Healthcare Platform 

We are developing a cutting-edge project for the healthcare industry. The modern
interactive tool delivers information and communication for patients in their medical journey.

  • Up to 30 000 PLN net B2B

  • Germany Client

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Initiation Project phase

  • Long Term Duration

  • 100% Remote Working Location

Project Description

In this project, we are partnering with one of the leading technology providers for the healthcare industry in
Germany. Our job focuses on developing an online platform and mobile application that are helping to
digitally navigate patients through their medical care journey.

The main product in the project is a downloadable application that connects people undergoing their
treatment with the multi-faceted digital system. Its features allow the users to take up such actions as
checking the details of their care plan, booking appointments, and digitally registering at the hospital.
Moreover, during their hospital stay, the application helps them to navigate through the building, provides
essential information, and even takes care of the patient’s entertainment.

By joining our team for this assignment, you will have the opportunity to create a product for the rapidly
growing, socially significant industry. Due to solid funding and great social significance, healthcare projects
are also recession-resistant and have a high potential for constant development.

Tech Stack


In terms of architecture, we are building separate teams that
will focus on Frontend, Backend, and Mobile technologies (both
Android and iOS).

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Technology stack for iOS mobile consists of Swift, SwiftUI, and JSON. Android mobile is done in Java, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, and JSON.

  • Swift

  • SwiftUI

  • Json

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Jetpack Compose


In the backend we work in 3 core technologies: PHP, MySQL, and Laravel.

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Laravel


In the frontend, Vue is the technology that we will work with.

  • Vue.js

  • TypeScript

  • React

How do We Work

We work in small, strongly cooperative teams. By creating a working group of 5 people maximum, we create
the opportunity to do our job transparently and efficiently. From the organizational point of view, we work in
Scrum. During daily meetings and weekly statuses we discuss progress, milestones, and also problems
encountered. We don't spend time in unnecessary meetings or calls that could be a message on Slack.

Challenges That You Will Meet

  • Solve complex architectural problems to deliver scalable and maintainable code
  • Meet (and exceed!) the expectations of the international, well-renowned client
  • Develop constantly improving functionalities of the application, as well as the online platform
  • Striving for the superior quality of the product, having in mind the needs of its future users
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Meet Our Team

Image of Wiktor Thumbnail of Image of Wiktor


Head of People & Operations

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Team Leader

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Head of Recruitment

Open Positions

  • Senior Fullstack Engineer (PHP + Vue)

    Fully Remote

    20 000 - 30 000 PLN net B2B
    Job description

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Any Questions? Talk to Wiktor

We are looking for creative, talented people with a collaborative mindset.
We give you the freedom to express your creativity and develop
professionally as an individual.

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Wiktor Stefański

Head of People & Operations

If you want to hear more about current development opportunities. I will guide you through the process and make sure you are on board!