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Predictive Monitoring Platform 

In an uncertain economic environment, we build product that will drive the finance sector to the next level through cash flow with reliable forecasts and real-time monitoring.

  • Up to 30 000 PLN net B2B

  • France Client

  • Financial service Industry

  • Working App Project phase

  • Long Term Duration

  • 100% Remote Working Location

Project Description

Predictive Monitoring Platform project is focused on the development of two new modules for a extensive
cash flow management tool, developed by the French, leading company founded in 2016 in Paris. With 120
million euros raised, since 2019 they have grown up to 200 employees across 5 countries, and more than 3500
clients, and a target of 10 000 clients by the end of 2022.

Now they are developing two new products (Payment integration) in which you will have a huge impact
on the final product, helping to define its success and making it a great place to work and grow along
with the company.

Cash flow forecast and monitoring features automate and make your cash organization more reliable without
any errors. Whole product is powered by artificial intelligence to categorize and classify transactions what
gives you better visibility on cash flow to anticipate the future and make decisions based on data in real-time.

Tech Stack


To ensure that our application remains efficient and maintainable,
we have established a true culture of software quality. We focus
on TDD and automated tests (unitary, EndToEnd, functional,
integration, acceptance (based on SpecFlow) which are the
foundation of the project. Also, a back architecture respecting
the CQRS pattern and DDD (Domain-Driven Design)
drives as key project principles.

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The speed and flexibility wouldn't be possible without the great technologies that power it.

  • .NET

  • C#

  • Kubernetes

  • PostgreSQL

  • GCP

How do We Work

In our culture of quality, clean code is essential. Our developers are the guarantors of quality of our code
through the application of tests, code reviews and peer programming sessions. We want our developers to be
proud when they have finished a project, knowing that the code they created is great quality. This is why, even
during sprints, we don't rush delivery and consecrate 20% of our time to continuous improvement projects.

Challenges That You Will Meet

  • Developing new features and solving technical problems
  • Guarantee the proper integration of current and future functionalities
  • Guarantee quality through the application of tests and code reviews
  • Prioritize the tasks and functionalities to be developed as a team
  • Develop ergonomics and adapt technologies to usage
  • Be proactive and propose new technological solutions to the team
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Meet Our Team

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Senior Backend Developer

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Mid Backend Developer

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Delivery Manager

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