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Innovative Lottery SaaS Platform 

We designed and built a complete software SaaS solution that will enable enterprises
around the globe to open for new markets and revolutionize the online lottery industry.

  • Up to 26 000 PLN net B2B

  • Germany Client

  • Lottery B2G Industry

  • MVP Status

  • Long Term Duration

  • 100% Remote Working Location

Project Description

This is a long-term greenfield project that we are developing from scratch. The platform will be a SaaS
web application with frontend written in Vue.js, which communicates with GraphQL API. App is based
on microservices with backend built in Kotlin. We are also responsible for creating the entire
application interface layer.

We want to create a platform that provides a revolutionary way of creating Lotteries.
The idea is to deliver a system that allows customers to create their own games and sell entries.
Going further we want owners to be able to customize their user's experience by adding extensions
and managing themes in their custom shops.

Tech Stack


In terms of architecture, the platform we are building is using Self
Containing Systems. We have microservices but some SCSs are
also designed as modular monoliths. The backend side is based
on hexagonal architecture. We are trying to build a product that
is modular, extensible, and scalable. Microservices are managed
by Kubernetes orchestrator on AWS Cloud, monitored by
Graphing and ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana).

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Backend is written in Kotlin, we do not use Spring, we use much lighter Ktor framework.
It's a very nice change from the usual scheme of writing software.

  • Kotlin

  • Ktor

  • Kubernetes

  • RabbitMQ

  • MongoDB

  • AWS


The frontend is written in Vue.js, based on a micro-frontends architecture along with
TypeScript, and GraphQL which carries communication with the backend side.

  • Vue.js

  • TypeScript

  • Nuxt.js

  • GraphQL

  • JavaScript

How do We Work

Our team's organization is based on Scrum methodology. We divide work into 2-week sprints with
daily meetings, retrospection's, and refinements. Every week we also meet up for architecture calls.

We don't spend time on unnecessary calls that could have been solved on Slack. Sprints are biweekly
and milestones are agreed with stakeholders and then we open the next quarter.

Challenges That You Will Meet

  • Solve complex architectural problems to deliver scalable and maintainable code
  • One of the biggest challenges while entering the project is to understand the way the business model is being translated into the code.
  • We are also using quite a nonstandard technology stack which is very interesting but might be challenging at the beginning.
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Meet Our Team

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Head of Development

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Senior Frontend Developer

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Senior Backend Developer

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Any Questions? Talk to Wiktor

We are looking for creative, talented people with a collaborative mindset.
We give you the freedom to express your creativity and develop
professionally as an individual.

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