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Social Finance Ecosystem Solution 

The project is focused on building one of three platforms of a bigger ecosystem that will allow freelancers to acquire financing, and build their businesses from the ground up.

Social Finance Ecosystem Solution
  • Up to 30 000 PLN net B2B

  • USA Client

  • Banking Commerce Industry

  • MVP Project phase

  • Long Term Duration

  • 100% Remote Working Location

Project Description

Digital technologies have done more than just speed up business, as usual, they have shifted the rules of the
game — from scarcity to sharing, centralized to decentralized, and closed to open networks. Unfortunately,
today's banks and their financial offerings were purpose-built for an industrial economy rulebook that
no longer applies.

Nowadays, more than 300 million active freelancers – growing to as many as 2 billion by 2035 – power the
global, digital, on-demand economy. We intend to create a bank that works for them and will revolutionize
the industry.

Tech Stack


For this project, we have chosen MERN Stack and microservice
architecture. The MERN architecture allows you to easily construct
a 3-tier architecture (frontend, backend, database) entirely using
JavaScript and JSON. It works great because we can keep
service up and running quickly with minimum effort and create a
very scalable pipeline for data processing and data visualization.

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Node.js as a runtime environment for server-side JavaScript along with Express.js framework
used to write a server app that will run on Node and connect it to with React frontend.

  • Node.js

  • Python

  • MongoDB

  • Docker

  • AWS


React's strong suit is handling stateful, data-driven interfaces with minimal code and minimal
pain, and it has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a modern web framework.

  • React

  • React Native

  • TypeScript

  • JavaScript

  • GraphQL

How do We Work

We've have established a great remote-first work culture, working as a team, bringing together developers
from all over the world, while still focusing on inclusivity and progress. When it comes to our work style, we
follow a goal-driven approach. The team holds daily scrum meetings to plan their work for the next day in
order to maximize the chances of achieving the sprint goal.

Challenges That You Will Meet

  • Working on an innovative Fin-Tech App that's made up of a complex ecosystem of web applications deployed on AWS.
  • Develop web applications to fulfill specific business needs and requirements
  • Striving for the superior quality of the product.
  • Participate in the project in Agile methodology and conform to coding standards including GIT workflow.
  • Sharing your ideas, experience, and take a voice in discussions on technical and business matters
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Meet Our Team

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Senior Frontend Developer

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Mid Frontend Developer

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Senior Backend Developer

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Any Questions? Talk to Wiktor

We are looking for creative, talented people with a collaborative mindset.
We give you the freedom to express your creativity and develop
professionally as an individual.

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Wiktor Stefański

Head of People & Operations

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