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Payment Orchestration Platform 

The project aims to develop and evolve a Payment Orchestration Platform to help global enterprises to improve their payment processes and gain insight of the transactions.

Payment Orchestration Platform
  • Up to 30 000 PLN net B2B

  • USA Client

  • Fintech Industry

  • MVP Project phase

  • Long Term Duration

  • 100% Remote Working Location

Project Description

The project aims to develop and evolve a Payment Orchestration Platform to help global enterprises like
Adidas, Netflix, Nike, and many more big players to improve payment processes, allow for optimization,
and gain insight into the costs of transactions.

With this solution, you can integrate, adapt and manage your payments with payments API and developer
friendly tools. All this gives customers seamless payment experiences with cutting-edge tech that also keeps
it compliant.

Our Team is responsible for developing a connected finance business solution for different merchants
in 30 different SaaS products covering finance, security, and crypto industries.

Tech Stack


When it comes to technical stack, we are hosted in AWS, use
EKS and our primary development language is Go. As we
always strive to use the best tool for the job, we use a
combination of Redis, DynamoDB, and Postgres for persistence
layer, and REST, gRPC, and queues for communication.

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Go as a main backend technology offers concurrency, dynamically formatted interfaces,
advanced memory safety, and excellent scalability. Moreover clear documentation and neat
code guarantee that you can maintain and update your software hassle-free.

  • Go

  • DynamoDB

  • Kubernetes

  • Redis

  • Rest

  • AWS


React is used the UI components and whole UIs – everything that concerns putting together
visual elements, binding data to those elements, and specifying the logic governing it.

  • React

  • GraphQL

How do We Work

The client is experiencing constant growth in the number of handled transactions, new clients, and
integrations. That's why we pay very close attention to the elegant design and scalability of the platform,
and we can provide the developers with everything they need in order to improve the platform.

Challenges That You Will Meet

  • Working together with our existing team on introducing a number of new PSP (Payment Service Providers) Integrations and Fraud detection systems integrations.
  • Increasing test coverage across services.
  • Contributing to performance improvements.
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Meet Our Team

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Mid Frontend Developer

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Mid Frontend Developer

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Senior Backend Developer

Open Positions

  • Senior Go Software Engineer

    Fully Remote

    20 000 - 40 000 PLN net B2B
    Job description

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